The great cull~!

2008-09-13 17:36:43 by Maltloaf

I've been doing some thinking. Dangerous stuff, that.

I was thinking that most of the stuff I've uploaded here is midi that would work as just a plain midi - almost everyone has the DirectX renderer as their default anyway, so there's no point in me wasting masses of space on Newgrounds for the sake of putting up a 30kb Midi. I'm just being greedy there.

So, I killed it all. Going foward, I'll post all the GM stuff over at Laura's, and use Newgrounds for putting up the stuff that wont work on most peoples' machines (Eg, stuff using the SC-88 soundbanks). It makes more sense that way - all the midi stuff on a midi site and the less-midi stuff on an mp3 site.

So, there ya go.

I haz a lolipop...

2008-08-12 21:07:39 by Maltloaf

...why do I have a lolipop? O_o

Eh, Is clearing the 'You have no news posts' post considered news or spam in these parts? :)

Anyway, my opening submissions finally got cleared (nine days~!), which I guess is cause for a minor celebration. Pass the champers, darling~!